Certifications and Associations

The management team members at Xtreme Xcellence know that to stay ahead in the competitive field of custom auto detailing and reconditioning, they must meet some key criteria. Those criteria include that they must be:

  • Professionally trained and certified by a reputable industry organization
  • Fully informed about the latest, most effective eco-friendly products and methods
  • Community friendly, so they can offer you the finest service and results possible

Fortunately, Xtreme Xcellence meets each of the above criteria. That makes us your best choice for custom mobile detailing in Southern California.

Xtreme Xcellence detailers have undergone many hours of training through The Total Pros Inc., widely recognized as one of the most prestigious and innovative detailing instructors in the nation. Xtreme Xcellence reconditioning and detailing professionals have been certified through Smart Detailing University, an education and training institution created by The Total Pros and Chemical Guys, who are specifically designed for the auto detailing and reconditioning industry.

About Smart Detailing University

Smart Detailing University courses are focused on state-of-the-art detailing and reconditioning supplies, chemicals and equipment, as well as the application of the most advanced and groundbreaking technologies for optimum results. At Smart Detailing University, our detailers mastered such topics as windshield repair, paint restoration, and headlamp repair.

One of the primary goals of Smart Detailing University is to stress water conservation and eco-friendly practices. The management team at Xtreme Xcellence is committed to this idea and has made it a mainstay of the company. If you are concerned about harsh chemicals entering the ecosystem, Xtreme Xcellence guarantees you no worries. That’s because Xtreme Xcellence is a 100% eco-friendly business that uses green products and methods that provide superior results without harming the environment. Xtreme Xcellence is Small Business Green Certified, and all cleaning products are VOC compliant.

Xtreme Xcellence is a member of the International Detailing Association (IDA), an industry leader comprising professional detailing operators, suppliers and consultants. Membership in the IDA helps guarantee that Xtreme Xcellence stays abreast of the newest developments in the detailing and reconditioning arena. The management team at Xtreme Xcellence has benefited greatly from attending seminars and forums presented by the IDA, which are often hosted by some of the leading professionals in the field of custom auto detailing.

Xtreme Xcellence is involved with the Grace for Vets car wash program, a community-friendly gesture to honor and show support for our brave service personnel. Across the United States, dozens of car wash organizations have participated in the Grace for Vets program, providing free car washes for veterans on Veterans Day. Xtreme Xcellence is proud to be part of this patriotic enterprise.