Leave it to the Professionals

Detailing Your Own Car? Leave it to the Professionals

A car is a major investment; doesn't it make sense to take care of it as well as you can? Like most people, you probably invest in tune-ups, oil changes and other forms of maintenance performed regularly, but if you'd like to keep your car looking like new, then detailing it is a necessity.
One key factor in auto detailing is the prevention of environmental contaminants (tree sap, road tar, water spots, industrial fall out). This helps to keep wear and tear on your paint technology from taking its toll. If you are detailing your own car, it helps to have a basic understanding of paint technology. Today's cars are finished with complex layers of paints, polymers and clear coat finishes; not knowing how to treat this paint technology will cost you time and money.

Before detailing your own car, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. What product should I use?

2. How would I apply it?

3. What weather conditions are appropriate when applying the waxes and polishes?

4. What is the difference between polishes and waxes? (Not knowing what wax or polishes to purchase can turn detailing your own car into a very expensive and time consuming project.)

Certified Auto Detailers: The Alternative to Detailing Your Own Car

The better alternative to detailing your own car is to hire an eco-friendly professional detailer, like Xtreme Xcellence. We have hundreds of hours of hands-on training, and years of experience in keeping vehicles looking as close to their original finish as possible.

We are certified detailers with the credentials, expertise and experience to give you confidence in our services. We look forward to catering to your professional detailing needs.