"Xtreme Xcellence is the best auto detail company out there! When I tried them out for the best time, my truck was hurting for maintenance and by the time they were finished my car looked like something you only see in magazaines. It's hard to find someone to detail my truck because it's black but they had no problems at all. I was looking fresh all over again! Being owner of a business, clients really pay attention to what you do - from what you wear to what you drive. When clients saw how awesome my truck loked, everyone wanted to get their ride detailed. Before you know it, we were all looking fresh!"

- JR Posadas, owner of New Life Fitness and Fitness Advocate

"Xtreme Xcellence Professional Detailing Inc., has been providing our company for the past two years. On a weekly basis, Xtreme Xcellence Professional Detailing Inc., comes to our business or home addres to detail, hand wash and do the maintenance of our company and personal vehicles. They are very professional-always on time and do a great job. I would highly recommend them to family and friends."

- Eric Heil, Kitchen Cabinet Express

"I wanted to give my recommendation for Experience Detailing because I was thoroughly satisfied with the quality of work they put into my Mercedes Benz. As a doctor, it is so important for me to look professional and Experience Detailing made that easy for me to do!"

- Dr. Rick Dana, Internal medicine doctor

"I used to take my black Escalade truck to the car wash until I met Rigo from Experience Detailing, he explained in detail what he would do and how. My black truck is hard to keep clean, but when I noticed the attention the Xtreme crew put on my truck, and the great Customer Service care, they convinced me. Xtreme did such a great job on restoring my dull black paint, they my business and will continue with my other cars."

- Juan Cervantes, Kragen Auto Parts Manager

"They detailed my car with their mobile service on the weekend by special request. I handed the technician the keys to my 2012 Mercedes-Benz they arrived clean and on time. He did my car at my location right in the garage and I got to sleep in and relax. They took about 3 hours which was the estimated time they gave me and and my car was done and looked brand new. I was very pleased.  I really needed to get my car detailed because I had a scratch on my  car and the guy that repainted my car left big ugly swirls and they were even able to buff them all off. I would say this is the best detail job I have had. The service was excellent and you really get what you pay for and with my car it was worth the $$$.

Thanks :)"

Princess D., Woodland Hills via Yelp

"Put a smile on your face every time you look at your beautiful car. Rigo at Xtreme Xcellence will do this for you. In May I bought a 2005 Sienna LTD that was in nice condition and I wanted to keep it that way for years to come. Eighteen years ago I had the dealer put protective coating on my new Sentra (which was never garaged) and it still looked brand new on the outside when I totaled my car in May. Although I'm not into cars, I like my car to look its best and now my Sentra looks brand new!! After researching all available coatings, I chose the one I felt best for my car. I also looked for a specialist to apply my chosen product. It was thrilling to find someone as conscientious as Rigo and who's expertise included years of specialized training. We discussed my preferential product and set a date. He delivered a showroom perfect car back to me. I am delighted to say how happy Rigo has made me. Had the job been done through a dealer the product would have been their choice. Also, having a protective coating equates to money saved through the years on detailing and car washes. I highly recommend Rigo at Xtreme Xcellence."

Kathy I., Mission Viejo via Yelp


"Dear Rigo, I would like to express my graitutde for the wonderful job you and your staf did on my BMW. As you are wel aware I had parked the car near a sprinkler head which resulted in hard water spots and I had several stains on my car mats. Being a busy physician with time restraints, I needed a service that could come to my place of busines while I worked.

I can only thank you for a job wel done. My car looked fantastic, my interior was well as paint/body made my car look as if had just come off the new car lot. Your staf was courteous and worked hard to ensure my car looked great. Compared to local car wash detailing services, yours exceeded my expectations in convenience, service, cost, and of course the finished product

Thanks once again, I wil be happy to use your service in the future."

- Chad A. Wadell, M.D. Mission Internal Medical Group

"Rigo, detailed my 09 VW GTI. I'm a fairly picky person and I must say, he did a fantastic job. The vehicle smelled cleaned and the exterior had a mirror like shine and gloss. Mind you, this was the basic detail. Rigo, explained each step of his process with me as I watched him work his magic. Yes, I am that picky. I will be returning to Rigo for the Signature XTREME' Detail and paint restoration very soon. I you adore your vehicle as much as I do, you need look no further than Xtreme Xcellence Professional Detailing Inc." ★★★★★

- Sean Cobb via Facebook

"I must admit  I've tried it all when it comes to attempting to keep my car in a efficient and presentable shape.  I've done the driveway washing as I would think most people do.  The problem with me is that I'm really picky and tend to take several hours of my time at the extent of getting it don't just right.  (Which as some might say time is money,  and when I wash it definitely is an investment)

I've also done the quick drive through washing to the more automated hand washing/detailing approaches from several companies/services out there which some could say gets the job done but as I mentioned before I'm really picky.  So this is to say I haven't really been to impressed with these automated approaches and frankly taking the personal wash approach just takes a huge part of my day . :(

It wasn't till I ran into Xtreme Xcellence Professional Detailing that I realized the intricacy and detail that can be done throughout the process of getting a professional detailing job.  These guys just ran circles in and out of my car.  From the interior to the exterior I've never seeing a team work so coordinated, efficient and most importantly clean.  From the smallest details of cleaning the smallest cracks and corners to places I would have never though of cleaning.

This team of professional detailers did not wash my car, they revitalize it.  I've never seen it gleam and shine the way it did that day.  : )

Their service and experience was well worth the price.  I gained some really valuable insight and knowledge with their help. Most importantly they went above and beyond my expectations of what I would consider acceptable professional detailing job.

I would highly recommend them and definitely look forward to using them again."

Luis O., Lake View Terrce via Yelp

"I recently had a local car wash in Newport literally scratch almost every surface of my car.  They spent 6 hours performing a paint correction and detailed the car in and out.  Looks better than the day Audi delivered my car to me off the showroom floor.  The prices are reasonable and worth every penny for a professional look and feel."

Joe P., Irvine via Yelp