Westfield Mall Detailing Services

If you are in Westfield Mall (also known as Main Place) and you need a professional mobile auto detailer, Xtreme Xcellence should be your first choice. That’s because Xtreme Xcellence was chosen as a premiere auto detailing company to service Westfield's auto detailing clients. Why did Westfield Mall choose us to service the detailing needs of its high end clientele? First, because of our environmentally safe and eco-friendly detailing practices.

Another reason Xtreme Xcellence is the premier auto detailing service of Westfield Mall is our hundreds of hours of hands-on training and certifications from prestigious auto detailing organizations. Xtreme Xcellence treats your vehicle like your home (one of your biggest investments). In so doing, Xtreme Xcellence will diagnose your paint technology and ensure that your vehicle will be receive the proper treatments.

If you are in a hurry, you can still receive a quick, eco-friendly vehicle wash and get the service and treatment that you deserve while at the Westfield Mall. We aim to cater to each customer’s specific time constraints as best we can. And, we have additional qualifications you may be interested in. As one of the most eco-friendly companies in Southern California, we only insist on environmentally sound auto detailing practices. But we don’t sacrifice on quality; in fact, our company is involved with the International Detailing Association and has a solid "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. This makes Xtreme Xcellence one of the few companies in the auto detailing industry that is truly Green Certified.

Have confidence that your next mobile detailing experience, whether at the mall or at your home, will be delivered to you with complete “xcellence.” Trust Xtreme Xcellence to do the job.