Clay and Decontaminate

What is claying? It is a deep cleaning and smoothing bar of soft clay that removes harmful pollutants from the vehicle’s painted surface without having to sand or use harsh abrasives. Most professional detailers use detailing clay to remove paint contamination and give you that smooth-as-glass paint surface.
The paint contamination that claying can remove includes tiny metal shavings embedded into the painted surface caused by:

  • Metal break dust
  • Rail dust
  • Industrial fallout

This contamination affects all types of paint finishes and can cause serious damage to the paint when left untreated.

How to Determine Auto Paint Contamination

In order to determine paint contamination, just clean the surface of the vehicle and then rub the palm of your hand over the paint. If it feels rough and gritty, there is paint contamination present. Placing a plastic baggie over your hand before testing the surface can help you perform a better paint contamination test on your car.

Paint contamination of this type cannot be removed with standard washing, compounding or polishing techniques. There are only two ways to professionally remove this type of paint damage. Wet sanding, which is a very difficult process – or detailing clay, a service that is offered by Xtreme Xcellence. Our certified auto detailing team recommends car owners to have their auto surfaces clayed two to three times per year to keep paint smooth and looking great for years to come.