Rag Top Clean and Seal

Owning a convertible can be an enjoyable experience, especially during the warmer months. However, in order to keep your rag top looking its best, it needs a regular cleaning just like the rest of the vehicle. In addition, it’s imperative that you protect your convertible rag top from the elements and natural dangers.

There are two types of soft tops: 1.) a true rag top made of a very strong and tightly woven canvas, and 2.) a vinyl or imitation soft top. Both have very different cleaning and protective processes.

A good professional mobile auto detailer will make sure that the no matter which type of soft top you own, it is cool and out of direct sunlight. Their next step will be to vacuum the top using a strong vacuum and soft brush attachment. Some good detailers will use a medium-to-soft bristled nylon brush or a rubber brush to get all loose debris, dirt and grime removed from the rag top and get it ready for the wet cleaning process.

Be advised that there are many types of debris that can damage or stain a rag top if not properly cleaned or maintained. Bird droppings, tree sap and poor car washing techniques will create irreversible damage.

How to Clean a Rag Top

When you trust a professional mobile auto detailer to clean your rag top, he will use the proper cleaning techniques that completely prevent the cleaning process from damaging your vehicle or encouraging wear and tear.

Most professional detailers, including the certified auto detailers of Xtreme Xcellence, use high grade micro-fiber towels and a very rag top-safe cleaning chemical to clean the rag top. Using a soft brush or rubber pet hair brush, we carefully scrub and clean the rag top clean of any debris.

Once the rag top has been thoroughly cleaned and it is completely dry, a professional detailer will protect and seal the canvas or vinyl top using specialty, soft top protection products. These will help keep your soft tops looking great and staying strong for years to come.

The back window of most soft tops is made of a soft, clear plastic or acrylic. On some high end vehicles, the rear window is made of glass. When working with the soft plastic or acrylic window, we use a safe cleaner to keep it clean and to protect it from yellowing.

Use a professional mobile auto detailer to clean your rag top at least twice per year, if not more. Neglecting the soft top on your vehicle can result in irreversible damage very quickly. By maintaining your rag top a few times per year, it will prevent fading and keep it strong and tight for many years to come.