Wheel Polishing and Wheel Maintenance

Xtreme Xcellence mobile auto detailing offers wheel cleaning and wheel polishing service for your auto or motorcycle wheels. We clean, polish and do minor defect removal on even the toughest and dirtiest wheels! We have the latest and greatest supplies, chemicals and technology in the industry. We don’t merely clean off the wheel with some dangerous wheel acid to make it look good. We take time and patience to do the job right so that your wheels will look great.

Our wheel cleaning and polishing program usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes per wheel from the time we start. If the condition of your wheel is more severe, the process can take longer. This service is an option and is not part of the traditional detail service.

Cost Effective Repairs: Get a Wheel Polishing Quote

The cost of the repair depends on the type of wheel, condition and size. Cost for an average wheel polish usually runs between $25 and $75 depending on the damage, the severity of the stains and what the type of wheel (high end wheels are at the high end of the price range).

We prefer to furnish you a quote in person, so that we can inspect your wheels physically in order to give you the fairest, most accurate price.

Wheel Polishing Process

We use our own technology, equipment and high end “wheel safe” chemicals to offer you the very best in wheel care. This process can be considered to be both an art and a science because it requires many hours of training before a person dealing is qualified to work on customer rims.

While custom wheel polishing has its limitations, it remains one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance programs. Today’s wheel rims, even those that are stocked from the manufacturer, are extremely expensive and cost hundreds of dollars to replace. By keeping them cleaned and protected, we can help them look great and last for years to come.

We take several steps to be sure your wheels get the attention they deserve, including:

  • Carefully cleaning each wheel, paying attention to both the inside and the face
  • Depending upon the type of wheel you have, using our defect removal system to be sure the wheel has the best looking appearance
  • Using specialty tools and equipment to polish the surface of the wheel
  • Using our specialty, heat-resistant protective poly-blended chemicals to protect the wheels from many of the contaminants thrown at them on a daily basis

Important note: Wheels and wheel maintenance should be a high priority during your normal mobile auto detailing process. Neglecting the wheel could and usually does end up in irreversible damage that cannot be repaired, cleaned or polished out.

Our wheel polishing service is second to none, and we highly recommend it to all our clients. Be sure to ask our certified auto detailers about this great wheel maintenance service.