Fabric and Carpet Protection

Shield Against Stains!

For years, people have been using carpet and fabric protection on home furniture, home carpeting and in some cases their clothes and shoes. Most manufactures of these products are “upselling” a good fabric protection process to ease the consumers’ mind with a guarantee. We at Xtreme Xcellence have taken this to the next level by offering the same carpet and fabric protection process in your personal vehicles.

We use a specially formulated product, Armor Tec by Strike Force, for the best protection available today. Armor Guard protects against all types of stains. It’s specifically designed for the high-grime surfaces auto interiors and is great for automotive seating, door panels, carpets and carpet mats. We even have the famous “Armor Tec Leather Protection” that guards against many of the same staining issues we face with carpets and fabrics.

Why is it important to protect your vehicles carpets and fabrics? Primarily, to maintain a new car appearance for years to come. Also, it will make it very easy to clean when we have those inevitable “oops” moments.

Armor Tec is designed for extreme fabric and carpet protection. It penetrates every fiber of the upholstery and carpet, from the base of the individual fibers all the way to the tip. It protects against water and oil-based spills. It increases strength of the fabric to add years of life to it, and it does not alter fabric appearance or texture. Your automotive fabric will clean easier, look better and last longer.

Armor Tec by Strike Force offers an insurance-backed protection plan that is used by most of our clients. This takes the worry out of interior auto maintenance. It’s just another way our mobile auto detailing company helps our customers feel good about our services.