Automotive Odor Removal

Even the most pristine vehicles can acquire unpleasant odors that build up over time and do not easily dissipate. Quick fixes such as burning incense or hanging an air freshener from the rear view window are temporary solutions at best, and rarely result in permanent odor removal.

Xtreme Xcellence offers a more thorough approach to odor removal called high-ozone shock treatment, which eliminates pervasive odors such as mildew and tobacco smoke. This modern procedure is safe and eco-friendly, and it can be accomplished in just 20 minutes. If the odor is more stubborn, the procedure can be operated and monitored for a longer period of time based on potency of the odor.

How Our Certified Auto Detailers Remove Odors

Our ozone treatment generates ozone, also known as O3/tri-atomic oxygen, which readily gives up a single atom (O1). This single oxygen is free to combine with other airborne molecules (odors, toxic gases, bacteria, spores, etc.), rendering them inactive by oxidation. Nature does the same thing. Sunlight and thunderstorms both create natural ozone. Indoor environments can be cleaned and enhanced by periodic fogging with ozone to reduce levels of airborne contaminates. This is the “greenest” automotive odor removal there is.

Benefits to our automotive odor removal:

  • Cleaner smelling air
  • Reduced levels of many allergens
  • Reduced levels of microscopic organisms
  • Lower cost compared to other odor control methods

For questions on automotive odor removal, contact Xtreme Xcellence today.