Vehicle Scratch Removal

Vehicle Scratch Removal

Paint scratches, defects and paint blemishes are all part of the appearance of the painted surface of your vehicle. People notice them and they can diminish your car’s value, so they need to be addressed when they happen.

There are actually 3 different types of procedures when performing paint correction.

  • Wet or dry sanding the painted surface
  • Compounding the paint
  • Polishing the paint

Wet sanding the painted surface is the most aggressive vehicle scratch solution and can only be performed twice in the lifetime of the paint. Wet sanding the paint should only be done by a professional, paint reconditioning expert. Wet sanding will remove defects in the painted surface several layers deep. When done correctly wet sanding the paint will offer the best results in heavy paint damage., orange peel and paint blemishes and stains.

A much more common and safe approach is using a combination of compounding and polishing the paint to remove a large percentage of all paint defects, including heavy scratches, water spots, swirl marks and paint stains and blemishes.

Most professionally trained auto detailers will use a variety of combinations to perform scratch removal. Using a compound along with the correct buffer and correct choice of pads, it may be possible to remove up to 80% of the paint defects.

The follow up to compounding the heavy damage is the polishing step. Once the compounding has been performed, it is important to follow up by removing the compounding marks and adding depth and shine. Once this polishing step is completed and we have the desired depth and shine, we follow up with either a paint sealant or a high grade carnauba wax.

Paint defect and scratch removal is an art and should only be performed by a professional paint correction specialist. When done correctly, paint correction and scratch removal should result in a beautiful, deep, high gloss painted finish. Contact Xtreme Xcellence today to schedule a vehicle scratch removal.