Automotive Water Spot Removal

Water spots are remnants of mineral residue that appear as blemishes on a vehicle's surface after the drying process. If left untreated, a bonding process involving the mineral content of the water and the chemical composition of the paint may occur and damage the paint job. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will exacerbate this bonding process and lead to etching. Water spots are also unsightly and detract from the beauty of the vehicle.

The certified auto detailers of Xtreme Xcellence are masters at water spot removal. We recognize the severity of the problem and have the knowledge and correct tools to use in each situation, whether it's a gentle wipe with shampoo for milder cases, or the use of more abrasive polishing products for serious cases. In any of these situations, Xtreme Xcellence always uses eco-friendly products that are VOC compliant. Contact us today to learn more!