29th Western Carwash Association Convention 2010

In October 2010, Xtreme Xcellence attended the 29th Annual Western Carwash Association (WCA) Convention and Tradeshow in Las Vegas, an event that showcased on environmental awareness in the auto detailing and car wash industry. One emphasis of the 2010 WCA was educating the car wash industry about water conservation. This is because the shortage of clean water is likely the biggest environmental issue we will face in the 21st century, and water conservation in industries like this can help minimize the risks.

WATER WISE: Most carwashes are being done at home with a hose, bucket and soap in a driveway. However, washing your vehicle in this manner contributes to the pollution of our ecosystem, and an alarming amount of valuable fresh water is wasted when it is allowed to flow through rain gutters. This polluted water goes into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, not to mention your family’s drinking water. If consumers knew about the harm it brings to the community, they would adapt and hire an eco-friendly mobile detailing company to prevent water pollution. Xtreme Xcellence made the investment to participate in the 2010 WCA Convention in order to learn the latest eco-friendly techniques, helping to distinguish us as one of the leading professional mobile detailing companies in Southern California.

Xtreme Xcellence also attended a recent educational seminar hosted by the IDA and leading industry detailing professionals to improve mobile auto detailing strategies. Live demonstrations and product testing allowed our detailers a first hand and up close view of the latest techniques using innovative products. Our detailers took part in an open forum discussion that shared insight from a group of professionals with a collective wealth of experience and knowledge.

Making a commitment to attend the WCA convention and the IDA's seminars assures clients that in addition to staffing our company with highly trained and certified detailers, we constantly make a conscious effort to stay current on eco-friendly water conservation techniques to help protect your car and your world.