Xtreme Xcellence Attends 2010 International Detailing Association Seminar

Rigo Santana and the management team at Xtreme Xcellence attended the New Detailing Technology Seminar, an event at the 2010 Car Care World Expo held in Las Vegas. Sponsored by the International Detailing Association (IDA), the guest speaker at this event was Renny Doyle, personal detailer of Air Force One. The seminar focused on the current state of detailing technology, including a brief discussion of the most popular tools in use today and an extensive discussion on emerging technologies in the mobile auto detailing industry. Xtreme Xcellence staff members were privileged to meet with Mr. Doyle and broaden their understanding of the latest and most innovative mobile detailing strategies, particularly in the fields of exotic auto detailing and sports car detailing.

The car care experts at Xtreme Xcellence invest the time and energy necessary to attend IDA seminars to stay up to date and knowledgeable in high-end auto detailing. Their knowledge and experience is applied to provide the best mobile detailing services for some of the world's most unique, expensive, and high-end makes and models, including Ferrari, Maybach, Hummer, Carrera, Rolls Royce and many more.

By utilizing the superior customer service and the valuable detailing skills they have gained over the years in professional seminars, the detailers at Xtreme Xcellence are committed to establishing optimum customer satisfaction and to making their business an industry leader among mobile auto detailing companies in Los Angeles.