Green Expo 2011

Xtreme Xcellence has become a leader in eco-friendly mobile auto detailing here in Orange County. Rigo Santana, (President), of Xtreme Xcellence has put his best foot forward in supporting the ever increasing market of eco-friendly detailing and using eco-friendly products.

Most recently Xtreme Xcellence attended the 4th annual Green Expo in Huntington Beach. The marketing and booth design attracted many of the top city officials along with a vast amount of the greater Huntington Beach community. Xtreme Xcellence was very instrumental in the education portion of the event, by teaching attendees the ongoing efforts and benefits of eco-friendly auto detailing. Attending and participating with Xtreme Xcellence was Mel Craig, the owner of The Detailing Pros whose school and training center happens to be located in Huntington Beach.

Xtreme Xcellence has been using eco-friendly mobile auto detailing techniques for the past several years. Their marketing efforts go way beyond what any normal auto detailing services do. Xtreme Xcellence has two environmental goals in mind: water containment and water conservation. Their eco-friendly auto detailing services are saving thousands of gallons of water each year while protecting the environment from polluted water run-off.

After talking with Rigo Santana and his crew, it’s very obvious that their intentions are to create a new movement in an industry that has been ignored for way too long. The efforts and ongoing marketing campaigns of Xtreme Xcellence are creating a new buzz in the Orange County communities.

Xtreme Xcellence is a highly trained and professional auto detailing company in the art of eco-friendly mobile auto detailing. They are changing the way we clean our cars and making a big impact on the eco-friendly and green movement, both here in Orange County and throughout the United States.