3 Ways to Make Your Car Sexier and Safer – Orange County Auto Detailing

w3-189-600-450-80-cAs Orange County auto detailing experts, the team at Xtreme Xcellence wants to help you make your turn heads as it drives by, and keep you and your passengers safe. We offer a variety of exterior repair services to keep your car sexy and safe all at the same time.


Headlight Repair and Restoration

Have your headlights lost their luster? Have they turned a dingy yellow color looking cloudy and dull? It’s definitely a bummer to have this cosmetic issue as the first impression when anyone sees your car. But did you know these dull headlight lenses can become a safety issue? The cloudy lenses lower visibility at night making it potentially unsafe to cruise in the relaxing evening hours through Orange County. Manufacturers may recommend replacing the headlights on your automobile, but we can restore your headlights at a fraction of the cost from the dealer or manufacturer.

Wheel Polishing

The wheels on your car can take a beating, no matter how gentle you are with your “baby”. With all the construction in Orange County, auto detailing has become even more important to keep your car looking fantastic. With your wheels being so close to all the gravel and dirt on the road, wheel polishing is a service we offer to keep those rims shining like they should.

Windshield Repair

We have all been there. A truck or other vehicle kicks up a rock as we are traveling down a Southern California freeway and we hear that noise that means we have a chip or crack in our windshield. While it may be tempting to just leave it alone, especially a smaller chip, this can cause issues over time that go far beyond cosmetics. A small chip can attract dust and dirt in the area lowering visibility. A small chip or a crack can grow over time, especially when the temperature changes drastically or on those hot SoCal days. The Orange County auto detailing professionals at Xtreme Xcellence can repair your windshield quickly and beautifully before it becomes a major issue – or even worse, before your entire windshield has to be replaced.

Want to keep your car sexy and safe? Call the Orange County auto detailing experts at Xtreme Xcellence for one of our exterior repair services today!