Mobile Tech Expo

Car Detailing Team Xtreme Xcellence Attends the 2012 Mobile Tech Expo

The certified detailers of Xtreme Xcellence recently attended another incredible industry event, the 2012 Mobile Tech Expo (MTE) in Kissimmee, Florida. While our car detailing team enjoys every opportunity to enrich its knowledge of the profession, this conference definitely stands out among the crowd of industry events we’ve attended in recent years. What made it so special? The sheer volume of classes, to start.

Take a look at just a few of the mobile auto detailing educational opportunities the attendees had access to, which included learning about:
  • DA microfiber correction system
  • How to polish swirl free after using a rotary buffer
  • The newest products of the interior restoration industry
  • Water based coatings
  • Professional blending
  • Glass scratch removal
  • Headlight restoration
  • Plastic repair and refinishing
  • Paint defect removal rotary polishing
  • Windshield repair

The theme of this 11th annual MTE show was “Learning Experience” – and as one of hundreds of mobile auto detailing businesses in attendance, we at Xtreme Xcellence believe this was a highly appropriate theme. Although our certified detailers are highly experienced and have a solid grasp on our industry, we are always striving to be the best and looking for ways to educate ourselves on new techniques so we can better cater to our clients. In this case, it was practically impossible not to learn something valuable to take home and start using right away. Here’s one example: As a proudly green mobile auto detailing service, we were especially glad to see a class on chlorine dioxide, which instructed attendees on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for the proper, most eco-friendly use of this compound. As car detailing professionals, we already knew about this compound but were excited to see it promoted at the event.

Our Orange County car detailing team was one of only a few mobile auto detailing businesses willing to travel across the country to learn about the emerging technologies and breakthrough concepts of our field; that speaks to our commitment to being local leaders in the car detailing industry. While we were there, we also participated in the Larry King Cardiac Foundation 1ST Annual Charity Car Show, which was part of the Mobile Tech Expo event. We hope we speak for all involved when we say, what an enriching event.

Ask us about the techniques we learned at the Mobile Tech Expo when you call our mobile auto detailing business. We will be happy to answer your questions – and, we may be able to utilize many of those techniques on your vehicle.