Xtreme Xcellence’s Rigo Santana & the Detailing Success Network Perform Paint Correction Miracles

Damage to your vehicle’s clearcoat caused by environmental fallout like carbon black build-up, industrial pollution, and acid rain is to be expected, but when you take your vehicle to a so-called professional detailer, you certainly do not expect them to burn away the clearcoat and expose the paint while supposedly polishing your beautiful automobile to a perfect shine!

The Orange County Professional Detailer Challenge

Unfortunately, it happens when you take your vehicle to an inexperienced detailer, and that is exactly what happened when Roger took his 2007 BMW to a non-licensed and non-certified detailer in Southern California for a routine exterior cleaning. The result was disastrous.

Desperately seeking a solution for how to repair the paint on his wounded Beamer, Roger hit the jackpot when he bumped into Orange County auto detailing professional Rigo Santana of Xtreme Xcellence.

Orange County Detailer Xtreme & Team to the Rescue!

A member of the elite professional detailing team known as the Detailing Success Network, Rigo and his colleagues, led by mentor and master detailer Renny Doyle, just happened to be attending an Orange County training seminar in Lake Forest to receive their master certifications in the application of Gtechniq coatings.

“Roger was sick over the damage this guy did to his paint and was frantically looking for someone who could advise him on what to do,” Rigo says. “When he saw the high level of paint correction and careful handling of the paint our skilled team used while applying Gtechniq, he realized that if it could be fixed, we could fix it!

“The Beamer looked beaten up,” Rigo continues. “Over the lifetime of the car, you would not want to remove more than twenty-five percent of the thickness of the clearcoat, but this other so-called detailer had cut completely through the clearcoat nearly to the paint, almost destroying it.”

Multi-stage paint correction is an artistic skill that demands finesse, patience, focus, and an unfettered passion for perfection. Roger not only stumbled upon one of the finest paint correction specialists in the country, but Rigo was accompanied by the entire West Coast Detailing Success Network team ― the most experienced paint perfection specialists and detailers in the world, all under one roof!

“We look at this kind of project, where a reckless detailer has almost destroyed the value of this man’s investment, as well as the beauty of the automobile itself, and we go to work! This is what we do!” Rigo explains. “By pooling years of experience, all our resources, and sharing knowledge, we were able to bring the paint back and stabilize it well enough to save it. Once we accomplished that, we finished it off with a durable, long lasting protective sealant."

Overwhelmed by the results, when the team was finished with Roger’s 2007 BMW, it looked like he drove it off the lot new in 2013!

Now Roger can brag to his colleagues about how he had his car detailed by the same team of Orange County professional detailers who detail Air Force One and other museum treasures!

Figure 1 - A reckless attempt at polishing from an inexperienced detailer had nearly destroyed the paint on Roger’s 2007 BMW.

Figure 2 - The BMW looked beaten up without its clearcoat

Figure 3 - "When we saw the value of this man's investment nearly destroyed, we went to work," says Orange County mobile auto detailer, Rigo Santana.

Figure 4 - Roger's 2007 BMW now looks like a 2013!

Car Show Detailing: An Xtreme Xcellence Specialty!

Our mobile auto detailing customers in Orange County range from owners of family minivans to classic hot rods, and we are experienced classic car detailers. So naturally, we love to make an appearance at classic car shows throughout the community. One of our favorites is the San Clemente Car Show, which happens every June on Avenida Del Mar. There are usually around 300 cars on exhibit, including:

  • Exotic, show quality cars
  • Woodies
  • Hot Rods
  • Tricked-out trucks
  • Vintage cars/antique cars
  • Muscle cars
  • Classic convertibles


The CREER Fundraiser: Classic Cars and Helping Kids!

We love providing auto detailing in Orange County, but we love contributing to our local community even more. Xtreme Xcellence is always committed to going above and beyond when it comes to community involvement. That’s why we were so eager to be involved with the annual VIVA CREER Fundraiser, which took place in San Juan Capistrano in November. This event offered, among other attractions, an incredible classic car exhibit from Family Classic Cars, featuring $8 million in classic car inventory! For everyone in attendance, mixing and mingling among these rides was a very exclusive opportunity. There was also a magician, live music and dancing. What did all of the festivities benefit? The good work of the CREER organization.


Green Expo 2011

Xtreme Xcellence has become a leader in eco-friendly mobile auto detailing here in Orange County. Rigo Santana, (President), of Xtreme Xcellence has put his best foot forward in supporting the ever increasing market of eco-friendly detailing and using eco-friendly products.


Xtreme Xcellence at the Green Festival in Los Angeles

Xtreme Xcellence is more than an everyday mobile auto detailing service in Orange County. We consider ourselves to be ambassadors for environmentally friendly auto detailing practices throughout all of Southern California. As such, we were the first ever eco-friendly mobile auto detailing company to attend the Green Festival, which is the nation’s premier sustainability event; it that takes place annually in several major cities around the country. Of course, we attended the Los Angeles Green Festival, and were excited to do so on the occasion of the event’s tenth anniversary.