Frequently Asked Questions

Five Top Frequently Asked Questions
About Car Care

How much does it cost?

    1. This is the most common question asked of the professional detailer. The price of the traditional detailing process is fairly standard and based on the size of the vehicle.
    2. There are four basic sizes of vehicles. Small compacts, midsize sedans, full size vehicles and SUV’s and the fourth being oversized vehicles.
    3. Price also depends upon the type of service purchased. There are basic and express detail packages, mid range packages as well as high end detailing packages.
    4. There are many add on services offered up today by the professional detailer. These service range anywhere from complete paint correction to odor removal, windshield and headlight repair, fabric protection, wheel polishing and much, much more.
    5. There are a lot of variables to consider when asking for the price.
      1. Condition of the vehicle
      2. Size of the vehicle
      3. Color of the vehicle
      4. Existing damage, and much more!
    6. Today’s price tag for a complete detail can start as low as $175 and go into the hundreds of dollars.

How long will it take?

    1. This is yet another very common question. The time it takes to complete a standard and basic detail service varies upon the size and condition of the vehicle.
    2. There are four basic sizes of vehicles. Small compacts, midsize sedans, full size vehicles and SUV’s and the fourth being oversized vehicles.
    3. The condition of the vehicle plays a huge role in the time it takes to complete the detailing process. The dirtier the car the longer the cleaning process takes which adds a tremendous amount of time.
    4. The services purchased also have a lot to do with the outcome how long it may take to complete.
    5. The average time spent on a quality and satisfactory detail is approximately 3 to 4 man-hours.

Why can’t I just take it to the car wash?

    1. On the contrary, it’s recommended that you maintain your vehicle using the traditional car wash facilities around town. However, be sure to only use a reputable, touch free, car wash facility. And only use the car wash facilities for the quick washing process, exterior dress and clean glass.
    2. Most car wash facilities are all about volume and do not care nor do they give your vehicle the attention it deserves.
    3. Most car wash facilities do not use professionally trained people.
    4. The rate of vehicle damage at most car washes is very high
    5. Most car washes that offer auto-detailing services are using improper detailing methods and inferior chemicals in the detailing process, which results in long term and irreversible damages to the interior and exterior of you vehicle.
    6. The car wash facilities are great for running your vehicle through a touch less tunnel but other then that our recommendation is to use a professionally trained auto detailer for all you auto detailing needs.

What is included in the detail?

    1. There are 3 basic packages offered in the detailing process.
      1. The basic or express detail
      2. The standard detailing package
      3. The high end or ultimate detailing package
    2. Today “standard” detail package will normally include the following car care services:
      1. Exterior:
        1. Eco friendly and environmentally safe exterior washing process
        2. Paint decontamination using the clay technology to remove the contaminants embedded in the paint.
        3. Light paint polishing to bring out the color and the shine in the paint
        4. Wax and paint protection
        5. Wheel rim cleaning
        6. Exterior trim clean and dress
        7. Streak free class
      2. Interior:
        1. Through vacuum
        2. Clean and dress all hard services
        3. Carpet and fabric cleaning
        4. Leather cleaning and conditioning
        5. Hot water or steam extraction
    3. There are many more things that can be included into the detailing process depending upon the services offered by your detailer.

Do you come to us?

    1. Most detailers today offer a very professional mobile service.
    2. Mobile detailers are in some cases better equipped to offer a much faster and higher quality service then some detail shops.
    3. Most mobile detailers are the owners of their own company. This means your getting the best man for the job and not an employee.
    4. A good mobile detailer can perform their services just about anywhere because of today’s technology.
    5. Most mobile detailers today are working out of very small compact detailing rigs.
    6. They can work in very limited space and are quick and clean.


Remember, it’s always smart to use a professionally trained detailer and you should have your vehicle professionally detailed at least twice per year.